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Your College Mental Health Packing List: A Free Live Q&A in Partnership with Lumate Health

Your College Mental Health Packing List
Wednesday, March 06, 2024 12:00 pm
- 1:00 pm ET



   Presented in partnership with ADAA Institutional Member Lumate Health 

It can be exciting to get a college packing list. And yes, picking out dorm decorations is fun, but those new Twin XL sheets aren't going to help manage the highs and lows that come with the transition to college. Lumate Health has its own packing list for your college freshman, which includes skills for:

•    Forming new relationships,
•    Fighting back against imposter syndrome,
•    Balancing the "sleep, socialize, study" triangle, and
•    Managing newfound free time. 

(We promise, this last one is more stressful than you think it is.) 

College means change, and change is both fun and scary. The Lumate Mental Health Packing list helps you cope ahead for challenges so you can recover quickly and get back to the fun part. 

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Sarah Olivo, PhD

Sarah Olivo, PhD

Sarah Olivo, PhD - Sarah is Head of Lumate Academy, the training and public education arm of Lumate Health. She is also the co-host of the “College is Fine, Everything’s Fine” podcast, which highlights skills-based therapy strategies for college students to manage typical college pressures. Before joining Lumate, Sarah served on the faculty of NYU Child Study Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center. She eventually left academia and co-founded City and Country CBT, a boutique private practice in New York. Sarah is a staunch believer in evidence-based psychology and believes everyone should have access to effective mental health care. Her mission at Lumate is to help spread CBT in innovative ways so that more children, teens and young adults can benefit from skills-based therapy.   


Michael Detweiler, PhD

Michael Detweiler, PhD

Michael Detweiler, PhD – Michael served for over twenty years as an Active Duty Clinical Psychologist in the USAF, prior to joining Lumate. He had prolific career that spanned the globe working at nearly every level of that organization. As a staff psychologist, he ensured the wellbeing of troops and their family members, ultimately earning the USAF Psychologist of the Year Award. As one of only a handful of child and adolescent clinical psychology specialists, he ensured the delivery of federally mandated special education services to the children of Service Members living overseas. He was a driving force in the planning and execution of the first US/UK Military Mental Health Symposium, lauded by top British and American Commanders. Michael deployed twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In other words, he knows a few things about skills you need to prepare for new, intimidating situations.  

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