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DEI Commitment Statement from ADAA 

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is committed to highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion as a core organizational value to promote BIPOC-specific mental health research and professionals. As an organization that has a large global impact and a diverse professional network, we acknowledge racial injustices and societal inequalities have caused BIPOC communities harm. The impact of these inequalities coupled with health disparities has helped us affirm the importance of health equity throughout our organization and its resources. ADAA recognizes that combatting societal, organizational and health inequalities is an ongoing commitment. Therefore, we remain committed to highlighting and encouraging BIPOC-specific mental health research and professionals throughout our organization. As such, we support racial justice and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as core values. Read ADAA's Inclusive Language Guidelines (2022).

Resources From ADAA’s Professional Community

ADAA has various blogs and webinars catered to the specific interest of diverse communities as it relates to mental health and research. These resources are exclusively written and hosted by ADAA’s professional members with a wide range of expertise in mental health disciplines.


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"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mental health community, DEI mental health resources, DEI mental health communities"

ADAA has a variety of resources that are catered specifically to multiple demographics and cultural identities. The following website pages provide resources to better understand specific mental health issues, challenges, or stigmas faced in different cultures.

Additional Resources from ADAA: 

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