Poster Awards Program

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ADAA offers annual poster awards at the Annual Conference in several categories.


ADAA is excited to announce the Poster Awards Program. There is no additional application process (and applicants do not need to be ADAA members) to be considered for this award. Winning and Honorable Mention Recipients are selected by the annual Conference Committee from all accepted poster submissions in four categories:

  • Best poster from an early career professional;
  • Best poster from a student, postdoc, or trainee;
  • Best poster on a topic related to diversity issue or an underrepresenting population;
  • Poster most related to the conference theme.

ADAA Congratulates the following posters on their recognition:

Early Career Professional

  • 2023: Danielle Taylor, PhD & Joshua Curtiss, PhD
  • 2022: Adam Cobb, PhD 

Student, Post-Doc, or Trainee

  • 2023: Erika Kuzminskaite, M.Sc & Danielle Shayani, BS
  • 2022: Alexis Mitelman 

Poster focused on Diversity Topics

  • 2023: Elisa Borrero, MA & Sarah Abdul-Ghani, BS
  • 2022: Areen Omary, PhD 

Poster Most Related to Conference Theme

  • 2023: Nicholas Powers, BS & Sarah Sullivan, MS
  • 2022: Areen Omary, PhD