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The licensed mental health providers listed in this directory specialize in anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and related disorders. Providers include psychologies, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and other mental health professionals. All providers listed are professional members of ADAA who have chosen to be included in this database.

In line with our mission, the Find Your Therapist Directory connects ADAA members with those looking for mental health care. The enhanced platform also allows our members to promote their practice and make referrals through a personalized directory listing.

Managing your directory profile is very important as a robust profile listing will help ensure a higher click through rate for users seeking a therapist. 

How to Manage Your Directory Listing   

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How do I get listed in the ADAA Find Your Therapist (FYT) Directory? +

The ADAA FYT Directory lists ADAA Members. Click here to learn more about ADAA membership and how to join.


How do I login to my ADAA directory profile? +

ADAA Members can access their account through the directory website. In the top left of the homepage is a login button.

Your username is the same as your ADAA membership. If you do not remember your ADAA member username, please contact [email protected].

First time logging in? Click on the “Forgot?” button to receive an email to update your password.


How do I edit my profile? +

When logged in, click on your name and avatar (headshot) in the top right corner of the page to view the drop down. Click on “View” to go to the edit mode of your directory profile.

Your profile is composed of a “business card” at the top. This includes your avatar (headshot)*, name, contact information, physical and telehealth location, and disorders treated/treatment option information. Click on the pencil icon to edit information. When editing the “business card portion” of your profile, updates will be reflected in your full profile.

On the Right in the blue box is your Contact Info block. Click on the pencil next to the items to update and edit information.


How do I upload a headshot? +

When managing your account, click on the pencil icon in the headshot space. 

Headshot preferred dimensions should be 200 x 200 pixels.


How do I make my email and contact number private / public? +

Your outreach information (phone number and emails) is featured in the Contact Info Block. This personal information is automatically toggled to private. You can click the toggle to set to Public if you would like that information accessible to Directory Users.

Clients will still be able to send you an email without your contact information being listed. The “Send Message” button will send a notification with email header “ADAA Find Your Therapist Directory Message” even if your contact information is not listed. 


How do I change the name listed in my profile? +

Your name is pulled from your ADAA Membership profile. If you would like to update your account name you must login into your YM profile here.


What additional content can I add to my profile? +

You can add any additional content you want to complete your profile about your practice, treatment details, and more!

On the left panel, click on the Section icon to open the section editing panel. Here you will see a list of all your profile sections. The ones marked with a lock icon are default sections.

Click on the “Add Section” button to see the different section types you can add to your profile. You can choose between text, video, files, image gallery, social media, and more. Click on the button to add that section type to your profile. A lightbox will appear, and you can add content.

Here you can customize your profile to include:

  • Blogs Posts
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Photo Galleries
  • And more!

For example, if you are adding a video section, fill out the text fields with the section title and video link. The database accepts YouTube and Vimeo URLs. Click the “save” button on the bottom right to save your changes.


Can I upload videos to my profile? +

Click on the “Add Section” button to see the different section types you can add to your profile. Click the “Video” option. You can upload any video to your profile by linking the YouTube or Vimeo URL.


How do potential clients reach out to me? +

Directory users will be able to send you an email to contact you directly, without seeing your email address, by clicking the blue “Send Message” button on your profile.

Emails will be sent with the header: ADAA Find Your Therapist Directory Message.


FYT Disclaimer Statement +

The Anxiety and Depression Association (ADAA) is an association of mental health professionals and is not a certifying organization. ADAA, therefore, does not make specific referrals, but does make its list of members and specialties available through its Find Your Therapist platform.

ADAA’s Find Your Therapist platform does not include and does not intend to confer opinions, ratings, or reviews of participating professionals. ADAA assumes no responsibility with respect to the selection of a therapist and the outcome of the therapy. The Find Your Therapist database is provided as a public service and includes the names and clinical practice information of current ADAA professional members who choose to participate in this service. The absence of the name of a therapist from this list in no way implies that they are not a competent therapist; it only implies that they do not participate in this particular ADAA service.  Please keep in mind that the listing in the Find Your Therapist section makes no representation with respect to the success of your treatment. ADAA assumes no responsibility for the results of your therapy or the associated costs.

Please note: The members in ADAA's Find Your Therapist directory are listed for the sole purpose of helping the public or serving as an ADAA professional member referral.

The emails of the therapists listed here cannot be used to contact them for any reason other than requesting mental health services or for an ADAA professional member to reach out to another member to discuss a possible referral. These emails are not to be used to solicit business or promote any products. ADAA reserves the right to take legal action if solicitations occur.